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Oct Training-3

This training is happening March 20th, 2024

This training will take place March 20th, 2024 at 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT.

Golioth offers free training to people interested in learning about Zephyr, the popular Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and Ecosystem. We do training using Nordic Semiconductor Development Kits, but the knowledge can be re-used on a wide range of hardware platforms. The training also focuses on 

By filling out the form, you understand that

  • You are responsible for purchasing hardware and having it shipped to you in time for the training (nRF9160-DK and nRF7002-DK are the only supported boards)
  • You will make a best-effort to attend this training
  • You will be part of a remote training with other members of the Golioth community present. You agree to abide by the Golioth remote event code of conduct.